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Ealing said...
Stephanie was lovely to work with even before hired. Of the 7+ MUAs I messaged, she was the only one who actually responded within one day and continued to respond very promptly to emails with any of my questions. This responsiveness and attention to my concerns -- both spoken and unspoken -- continued even after I hired her and into my wedding day. She was willing to drive all the way from where she lives to do makeup on just me. When she finished with me, she asked me to make sure that everything was "absolutely perfect" in case I would like her to tweak anything. And it was! Even my parents, who have a long history of criticizing my own makeup application (they're generally averse to the mortal sin of vanity), were so stunned that they forgot/"decided not to!" cover my face with the blusher veil before walking me down the aisle (THEY had paid $40 for my wedding dress store to sew that blusher onto the veil!!). The hairstylist who works with Stephanie, Britney, was similarly lovely to work with. I didn't communicate with her directly before the wedding day, but she did hair on both myself and some of my bridesmaids who wanted to hire her. I was actually most impressed by her willingness to go the extra mile on my bridesmaids; my bridesmaids all decided to put baby's breath in their hair, and she not only arranged these flowers in the hair of the bridesmaids who hired her, but also for the rest who did not, at no cost to them. And at the end, everyone looked absolutely stunning, and Britney's hairstyles were surprisingly resistant to Houston's special brand of June heat and humidity later in the day while we took photos outdoors.